Health Management e-Consultation (30min)
Health Management e-Consultation (30min)
Health Management e-Consultation (30min)
Health Management e-Consultation (30min)
The Health Club

Health Management e-Consultation (30min)

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The Health Club’s <TCM Health & Weight Management Program> targets health status, lifestyle and living environment with customized health guidance and personalized dietary regimens to recuperate, correct illness and conditions, and to optimize health.

Book an online appointment with us today if you are facing fatigue, poor sleep quality, obesity problems, skin problems, hair loss/thinning or hormonal imbalances and more.

Choose from a one-time 30-minute e-consultation or a 6-month program to start your journey to better health.

e-Consultation (30-min) consists of the following:

  1. TCM health status check: Questioning & TCM diagnosis
  2. Personal body constitution assessment: constitution questionnaire, observations by TCM diagnosis. (Form will be sent via email after transaction is completed; a link will be sent to confirm online consultation appointment once form is completed).
  3. Identification and assessment of health status: To provide objective and assessments of current health status and to advise corrective actions and early warning of relevant risk factors.
  4. Health and intervention guidance: dietary design and planning, lifestyle adjustment, emotion balancing, medicated diet, meridian points, suitable exercise/s, suggestions for specific therapy.
  5. Personal health and disease corrective and preventive management: through the recommendations of Chinese medicine therapies, herbs and medicated food and diet planning, to improve quality of life, reduce medical expenses and help avoid illness, avoid deterioration and speed up recovery.
  6. Proposed therapy, food in the diet planning (any supplements, herbs or any prescription cost are excluded).

Our customer service will follow up with you on the appointment once transaction is completed. For more information, WhatsApp our customer service at 8282 0056 between 10am to 6pm daily.


The Health Club健康管理的线上咨询服务流程由以下部分组成:

1. 中医健康状态信息采集与管理

2. 个人体质评估, 个人体质评估:体质问卷,中医诊断观察。 交易完成后,将通过电子邮件发送表格,并建议在线咨询约会,并在表格完成并通过电子邮件发送后发送链接。 

    3. 健康状态辨识与评估:对客户的健康状态和发展评估及相关危险因素的预警。

    4. 健康养生与干预指导:在饮食起居、情志调摄、食疗药膳、经络穴位、运动锻炼等生活各环节方面进行养生和指导建议。

    1. 个人健康及疾病定制管理与食疗:针对各种体质和各疾病阶段推荐有效和适宜的调理及保养方法,提高生活质量,减少医疗支出并帮助避免疾病,避免恶化和帮助痊愈。
    2. 饮食计划中建议的食物,补品,草药或任何处方费用均不包括在内。

      我们的客服人员将会在您的订购程序完成后,向你联系安排日期与时间。如需更多详情,请 Whatsapp 8282 0056 (10am - 6pm)。

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