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Happy Head to Toe Oil Bundle

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Protect and nourish your hair, body and face with 100% natural botanical blends.

HappyHair: Moisturize dry itchy scalp. Prevent hair breakage. Enhance hair shine.
HappyBody: Promote Qi and blood circulation to calm muscles & mind, and keep skin toned & lifted.
HappyFace: A light and natural moisturizer that keeps face moisturized for long hours, improve shine on dull skin, a great natural face makeup remover that is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and B-complex.
100% Natural, Chemical free. Suitable for adults and children, all skin types.

Each Bundle contains:
1 x HappyHair 30ml
1 x HappyBody 30ml
1 x HappyFace 30ml

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