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Hawthorn Berries Organic Herb (Caffeine Free)

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Botanical Name: Crataegus Monogyna / Origin: Bulgaria

Heart Tonic

Hawthorn Berry is best known for its toning effects on the heart and commonly used by the herbalist as a “cardio-tonic herb to lower cholesterol and blood lipids.

Health Benefits

√Decreases LDL cholesterol, liver cholesterol and triglycerides

√Useful as natural blood pressure reducers, for chest pain (Angina) and heart disease

√Regulates blood flow to the heart

√Reduces inflammation in our body.

Suggestion for Use

Infused 2-3 teaspoons of Hawthorn Berries into 120-150ml of hot water for 5-7 minutes. Take 2-3 cups daily.

This tea can be enjoyed warm or cold, and may add some stevia or honey to your taste.

Each bag of tea is good for 50 servings. 150g

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