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German Chamomile 35g (The Calmer)

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For hundreds of years, Chamomile especially German Chamomile has been used to treat many conditions such as inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, and skin problems.

Sleep better with chamomile tea

If you love herbal tea, you most likely already know chamomile tea as the "night-time tea." Chamomile tea, with its mild sedative effects, is treasured for its ability to encourage a good night's sleep, free of disturbing dreams. If you've been having occasional sleeplessness or restless nights, a steamy, soothing mug of chamomile tea in the evening may provide the support you need to sleep soundly through the night and wake feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Ease stress and soothe frayed nerves with chamomile tea's calming properties

The busyness and hectic pace of today's world can take its toll, leaving many of us feeling increasingly stressed, worried, and upset. If you could use some support with easing tension or anxious feelings, drinking some beneficial chamomile herbal tea may help.

Support the immune system with chamomile tea benefits

Another reason to enjoy chamomile tea regularly is this tea's benefits for boosting the immune system.

If you've already succumbed to a cold or flu, drinking some chamomile tea may provide your immune system with added support.

Steep and sip some chamomile tea to fight harmful inflammation

Chamomile tea is an effective helper in lessening inflammation and may provide support in managing inflammatory ailments and conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis, periodontitis, and hay fever).

Get an antioxidant boost with chamomile tea

Enjoying an antioxidant-rich diet is a simple way to promote good health and wellness. Not only do antioxidants fight harmful free radicals in our bodies, but they also provide protection against chronic disease, give anti-inflammatory support, and work to slow the aging process.


How to Make – Take a heap teaspoon of dried herbs and steep in 150ml – 200ml of hot water for 7 minutes or longer. Each serving is good for 2 infusions. This tea can be enjoyed warm or cold, and may add some stevia or honey to your taste.

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