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Happy Family Essential Bundle

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Tropical weather can bring a host of skin problems and allergies.

Keep adult, sensitive skin and children's carefree from common skin problems with The Health Club's Family Essentials.

HappyBaby: for the Sensitive delicate skin. A natural formula to soothe eczema and nappy rash on people, infant and toddler with delicate & sensitive skins.

HappyMama: for deep Nourishing. A great moisturizing and soothing oil for breasts, belly, hips and buttock to enhance skin's natural elasticity and softness to prevent stretch marks, lighten past stretched marks and good for people who tend to gain and lose weight easily.

HappyHealing: a great formula to calm skin, reduce inflammation and irritation such as hives and eczema, keeps skin moisturized and nourished. A good protection to keep insects away too! Packed with anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. A must have for all household.

Each Bundle contains:
1 x HappyBaby 30ml
1 x HappyMama 30ml
1 x HappyHealing 30ml

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