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Detox Cleanse

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Detox Cleanse contains premium natural herbs for maintaining perfect body shape and skin condition. It delivers the best results in weight reduction and a healthier body. 

√ Increase fat metabolism, reduce weight.
Support general detoxification. Better skin condition.
√ Improve bowel movement, reduce constipation issue.
√ Assist in relieving water retention issue.
Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Each capsule (600mg) contains 16 premium herbal extracts as below: Semen Cassiae Extract, Herba Gynostemmatis Pentaphylli Extract, Rhizoma Alismatis Extract, Radix Et Rhizoma Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Folium Nelumbinis Extract, Radix Panacis Quinquefolii, Oolong Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Frutus Crataegi, Aloe, Green Tea Extract, Radix Puerariae, Radix Astragali, Hirudo, Semen Sinapis, Fructus Hordei Germinatus.

No known side effect and contraindication. Use with caution during pregnancy, lactation, children, undiagnosed abdominal symptoms such as pain, nausea or vomiting and individuals with cold deficiencies in spleen and stomach or with loose stool. For best results, consume daily for 21 days per month, straight after menstruation/period (for women).  

√ 促进脂肪代谢,减轻体重
√ 促进排毒功能,改善皮肤问题
√ 促进肠胃蠕动,减轻宿便症状
√ 辅助排水功能,减轻/消除水肿问题
√ 帮助维持健康胆固醇水平

决明子提取物, 绞股蓝提取物, 泽泻提取物, 丹参, 荷叶提取物, 泡参,乌龙茶提取物, 藤黄果提取物, 山楂, 芦荟, 绿茶提取物, 葛根, 黄芪, 水蛭, 芥子, 麦芽。

无已知禁忌症及副作用。孕妇、哺乳期妇女、儿童以及未确诊的腹痛、恶心、呕吐患者慎用。脾胃虚寒及便溏者慎用。建议每月服用21天, 尤其是经期后 (女性)。

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