About Us

The Health Club was founded in 2006 by a group of healthcare practitioners in the holistic healthcare fields of Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy. Since its establishment, it has persistently held on the belief optimum beauty should be achieved through good health, and good health comes as a result of necessary nutrients. 

Currently, The Health Club offers 3 innovative product ranges:

  • Medical supplements
  • Botanic organic blended oil for skin & beauty
  • Active herb teas

Our products are made from natural extracts, which not only improving the well-being of users but also safe to nature. They help to nurture users' body, mind and spirit, while respecting the balance of environment.

Our natural skincare products are all free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals. They are made with certified pure essential oils and cold pressed plant extracts. As a result, they help to revitalize and harmonize body, soul and spirit.

Today, The Health Club’s products are retailing in Spas and Wellness Centres, Skin & TCM Clinics, and Departmental Stores. Serving nature products lovers, from home shoppers to trusted and respected Spas in Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam.