21-Day Vitality Boost
21-Day Vitality Boost
21-Day Vitality Boost
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21-Day Vitality Boost

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Vitality Boost promotes optimal wellness by giving you the daily immunity boost support you need, aid to balance and strengthen Heart, Liver, Lungs and Kidneys' functions.


Vitality Boost helps to promote energy and stamina with herbs such as Lingzhi and Cordyceps, and B Complex which enable the body to adapt to work loads and stress in a healthy way, and antioxidant support that helps protect the body from free radical damage, offers cellular energy production, healthy red-blood-cell formation, and healthy neurological function.



Health Benefits

√ Boost Immunity

√ Maintain healthy metabolism

√ Support good blood circulation

√ Improve overall vitality and energy

√ Support good quality of sleep


Quality Ingredients

Each capsule (350mg) contains only premium herbal extracts as below: Ganoderma Lucidum Cracked Spores Powder, Cordyceps Extract, Vitamin B Complex.


√ High Potency

√ Easy absorption

√ Dairy free

√ No gluten-containing ingredients

√ Easily digestible plant-derived capsule

√ Laboratory tested for purity - free of heavy-metal toxicity


Suggestion for Use

  • Adults - 3 capsules in the morning with empty stomach
  • Children 5~9 years old - 1 capsule after food


Note: No known side effect and contraindication.

Take as a dietary supplement. Children to be given under supervision. Use with caution during pregnancy.



Each pouch comes in 63 capsules, for 21-day consumption.

Recommended to consume daily to promote vitality and immunity. 


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