HappyLash (Lush Lashes)
Botanic Organic Oil

HappyLash (Lush Lashes)

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Remove eye makeup. Grow lash & eyebrow.

HappyLash, 100% botanical organic oil, a wonderful natural eye makeup remover. Removes eye makeup and mascara without dropping lashes. Promotes lash and eyebrow growth. Protects, nourishes and repairs dry skin around eyes while you remove your makeup. It easily breaks down the pigment that clings to the skin, making it come off easily without scrubbing.

This eye makeup remover is ideal for all skin types. Rich in vitamin A, E and Omega 3 and 9.

To use:

  • To remove makeup: Apply 2-3 drops of HappyLash on facial cotton pad, gently press on one eye (with eye closed) for 5-10 seconds to soften the makeup. Gently massage in circular motion to further dissolve and remove eye makeup. Remove dirt with facial tissue. Rinse with cold water. Repeat steps for the other eye.
  • To nourish and moisturize the eye area skin, strengthen growth of lashes and eyebrows: Apply 1 drop of HappyLash on one palm. Use another hand’s finger to tab and massage over eyebrows, lashes and eye areas in circular motion till absorbed. Rinse with cold water.


  • Organic Jojoba Oil: moisturizes the lashes and protects the hair follicles. Allows eyelashes to grow longer and thicker.
  • Vitamin E Oil: prevents lashes from shedding. Helps eyelashes appear thicker, longer, and healthier
  • Lavender Oil: promotes strong, healthy lashes.


  • Apply HappyLash in the morning and night daily for best results.
  • If you happen to get the oil in your eyes and feel any irritation, flush your eyes with milk right away.

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出色的天然眼部卸妆液,可在不掉睫毛的情况下去除眼部化妆品和睫毛膏。 卸妆时,可促进睫毛和眉毛生长,保护和修复眼睛周围的干燥皮肤。 HappyLash可以轻松分解附着在皮肤上的色素,所以不用进行粗糙擦洗。 它富含维生素A,E和Omega 3和9。适合所有皮肤类型。

使用方法:用指尖在闭合的眼睑上用1-2滴油以缓慢的圆周运动按摩,持续10秒钟。 然后,使用平棉垫向下擦拭油。 请使用干净的湿布清除眼睛周围的多余油脂。 如果您碰巧在眼中沾上油脂并感到不适,请立即用牛奶冲洗眼睛。

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