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HappyBody (The Relaxer)

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A natural muscle soothing and allergy reliever for the skin. Helps to calm muscle spasm and arthritic pain, good for alleviating PMS cramps, insomnia and anxiety conditions too. This natural therapeutic formula reduces irritation and inflammation and calms the mind. It also nourishes the skin and keeping it soft & tender with its ultra-hydrating property. Suitable and gentle on adults and children. 


  • Organic Avocado Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Directions: apply 1 to 3 drops on affected area/s and massage gently till absorbed. Apply twice or more times daily as needed. For insomnia and anxiety, apply and massage on chest, shoulder and neck area before sleep.

天然植物行气活血复方。 能缓解肌肉紧绷,酸痛,关节炎疼痛。有助于修复肌肤,促进肌肤健康并保持滋润,能缓解经前综合症,失眠,焦虑症状。 适合成人与小孩。

有机鳄梨油, 天竺葵精油, 桉树精油, 雪松木精油,

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