Tips for a good night’s sleep

Do you feel tired even if you have more than 8 hours of sleep? Having too many dreams? Having difficulty falling asleep, even when you are tired? We all have trouble sleeping every now and then, but when insomnia persists it can become a chronic illness. Many turned to drugs for help, however long period of dependent on drugs will cause severe insomnia, serious effects on our lifestyle, emotions and health. To achieve curative effects, you need to adjust your daily routine, and together with herb & food therapy to balance the Yin & the Yang in your body, to improve your sleep.

Here are our Practitioner Wong’s Top 10 tips for you to improve your sleep quality.

  1. Take a nap of 15 – 30 minutes between 11am to 1pm and sleep by 11pm at night for a balanced Yin-Yang.
  2. Bask yourself in the sun during the day, to absorb enough melanin from the sun. When the pineal gland in our brain releases melatonin at night, we can fall asleep easily.
  3. Keep yourself occupied with activity or exercise to dispel sleepiness in the day. The drowsiness in the day make the cerebral cortex involuntarily enter a state of inhibition (Yin) during the day which is very detrimental to sleep at night.
  4. Prepare your room with comfortable temperature, sleep in total darkness. Our body only release melatonin in total darkness which regulates the sleep–wake cycle.
  5. Have a regular sleep-wake cycle and to sleep by 11pm. This period of rest is beneficial for our liver and gallbladder. One of the side effects if you are staying up late at this time, is the greying of your hair.
  6. A relaxing bath is where the temperature of water is between 37 to 39-degree C. Taking a shower with water temperature too much lower or higher than your body temperature will be too stimulating, and it will keep you awake.
  7. After shower, massage your chest, shoulder and the back of your neck with soothing relaxing oil like HappyBody to relieve the tensed muscles, increases serotonin, and increases the melatonin which helps circadian rhythms to reset.
  8. Get a bed mattress and pillow with the right firmness and height. This helps to ensure you achieve deep sleep cycle.
  9. Avoid heavy meal, alcohol, caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and isotonic drinks, late in the day. iDigest herbal blend is useful if you are having indigestion after dinner.
  10. Prepare your body for sleep mode. Have a warm cup of iSleep herbal blend to calm your mind, soothe the emotion and relax the muscles.

Good night. Sweet dreams…

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